How To Fix A Nintendo Switch That Won’t Turn On

5 Solutions to Fix a Switch That Won’t Turn On

There you were, getting all cozy with your Nintendo Switch all ready for a night of worry-free gaming and then BAM! Your Switch won’t turn on or even worse, it keeps crashing! 

Now you have to waste your night diving into techie forums to find out how to bring your Switch back from the dead. Not on our watch!!! We’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of 5 likely reasons your Switch is on the fritz and more importantly how to fix it! 

Keep reading to find out how!

Is Your Switch Battery Fully Charged?

I know, I know it’s the age old question – but sometimes the most obvious solution is the answer. It could be that maybe you forgot to plug your Switch and it isn’t fully charged. Another possibility is that the charging cord wasn’t fully inserted into the port and never was able to begin charging. 

Try plugging the charger directly into the Switch, rather than just placing it into the dock to see if this helps with your Switch’s charging issue. Also, if your Switch was heavily drained it may take much longer than normal to reach a full charge.

Before moving on, make sure that your switch has had ample charging time so that can be ruled out as a possible reason for your console failing to turn on. 

(The same can be said for Joy-Con connectivity issues, make sure that the Joy-Con has the ability to fully charge before disconnecting it from the console and attempting to pair it.) 

Is Your Charging Cord Damaged?

Like all things, charging cords can deteriorate with time and usage. Oftentimes, when a Switch is failing to turn on, a faulty charging cord is to blame. Once you’ve ruled out that a simple charge wasn’t the issue, try examining your cord. See if you notice any damage, dirt, exposed or fraying wires,  a bent adapter or bent pins. 

If you happen to find any of these signs, please do NOT continue use of the charging cord. It may be a possible fire risk!

Instead, invest in a new cord and see if this fixes the main issue with your Switch. 

Are You Using an Official Nintendo Charging Cord, or a Third-Party One?

Oftentimes in going with the cheaper option, we end up paying more in the long run! This is absolutely true when it comes to power sources, such as charging cords. Many times issues with charging that can’t be attributed to a visibly broken charging unit is cheap technology. 

You wouldn’t want to put sub-par gas in your expensive new car, would you? It may be cost-effective in that moment, but overall, using cheaper gear could risk the health of your larger investment (in this case, your Switch).

If your Switch isn’t wanting to turn on, or it keeps resetting, it may be due to a shoddy charging source. If you DO have a third party charger, try replacing it with an official one and see if this helps bring your Switch back to life. 

Update Your Switch

Has your phone ever randomly started acting buggy, and then you realized you never downloaded the most recent update? 

Just like phones, our consoles require periodic software updates to make sure they stay in working order. Nintendo is constantly evaluating current bugs and glitches and then puts out updates to make your Switch run smoother and more effective. 

When someone encounters an unexplained issue with their Switch it could be due to a missed update. Make sure that your console and your games are all currently updated and see if this corrects the issue. 

Reset Your Switch

Sometimes all our consoles need is a little reset to get them back up and working again! If you are still experiencing a Switch that keeps crashing or won’t turn on, you may want to start with a soft reset to see if that corrects the issue. 

How to Perform a Soft Reset

Hold down the power button on your Nintendo Switch for 15 seconds. It should turn itself off. 

Next, press the power button once more to turn the console back on. 

Hopefully this will resolve any issues, but if the problem persist, try attempting a hard reset. This is also known as a factory reset.

How to Perform a Hard Reset* 

First, make sure that your Switch is turned off. If your Switch is having issues being turned off, just wait for the battery to fully drain. 

Next, press and hold the power button & volume up/down buttons at the same time for 5 seconds. This will place the Switch in “Recovery Mode”. 

Now, Select “Initialize Console” and follow the preceding steps. Now your console has been returned to its factory setting. This should help resolve any issues you were having with your Switch before. 

**Before attempting: Please know that a hard reset will erase your account and gaming data! We advise you take out your SD card before attempting a hard reset.**

And there you have it: 5 possible reasons your switch won’t turn on and how to solve them.

We certainly hope this article helped you get your console up back and running.

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