About Us

Tekkies is an Electronics Repair Shop that specialize in Computer, Game Console, Phone, and Tablet repairs. We are globally known for our advanced micro-soldering services, motherboard repairs, and data recovery. 

We do everything from basic device screen replacements, to advanced No-Power motherboard repairs. Most of the advanced micro-soldering repairs that we do are not something done by your average repair shop.


No outsourcing.

All services advertised are performed on-site. From logic board repair to data recovery, turnaround is faster with no outsourcing.

Exhaustive inventory.

Our parts are acquired from known vendors, not middlemen suppliers on eBay that don’t have it together. Having only one part on hand means if it is defective, your repair is set back a week. We are strongly believe in proper supplier relations. If you notice our time frames are the best in the area.

Experienced staff.

Inexperienced technicians take lots of time to learn how to work on your device. This is time you could be spending with your repaired device had you brought it here first!

Whether on our how-to videos, our technicians are teaching other company’s technicians how to do their job every day! Inexperienced technicians burn lots of time learning how to tackle a problem that is new to them, increasing the cost & time of a job. Get your Macbook issue resolved quicker by taking it to us.



Chef Energizing Officer, With BS Degree Business & Master in Accounting -


Lead Tech With Degree in Computers & Electronics with 18 Year of experience in Game Console Computer Phones Tablet & More.


Specialist in Game Console Computer Repair 3 Year Experience


Mac & PC Specialist With 6 Year Experence

TV Tech

Specializing in TV & Electronics Board Repair 30 Years of Experience


We do not perform jobs we cannot do properly.

You will hear us beg you to go elsewhere if we feel we are not the best fit for a job. Our goal is to make you happy while making money. If we can only do one without the other, we will not take on the job.

 estimates: charge an estimate fee.

Taking apart your electronic device to determine what is wrong with it costs $15 but go to the cost of the repair if you choose to repair your device. 

We appreciate the value of your time.

We try our best to not keep you waiting on repairs we advertise. 99% of the time, our parts are always stocked and ready to go for Phone Repair! We have an entire section of our store just for cataloging hundreds of different parts we use on a regular basis that are ready to go.

We don’t lie about your problem to milk you for more money.

We never misrepresent what we are doing, such as replacing an external hard drive cable and charging you for data recovery. 

Good will when the manufacturer will offer superior service to us.

We never let someone pay us for a repair that the manufacturer will perform for free. There are many occasions where the Apple store is a better option, if your device is covered under an extended warranty or recall program. When we know this to be the case, we’ll never suggest you spend money with us unnecessarily.

Real reviews on all social media platforms – no funny business!

We never review ourself, or bribe customers with discounts to leave in-store reviews. Our feedback has all been earned and reviews have been left at the customer’s discretion, NOT ours!

Aside from enjoying what we do, we love to spread the knowledge and share repair videos with the world. We run a very active Youtube channel lots of videos performing repairs on devices from all makes and models. Ranging from iPhones, iPads, Macbooks, iMacs, Laptops, Desktops to Xbox PS4 Nintendo Game Consoles, BMW & Benz Key Fob And bmw DME and other electronic devices. Click on the Youtube image below to visit our channel. Make sure you subscribe so you can be notified when a new video is uploaded.